Global Petition to world leaders

World leaders – today, we call on you to:

  1. 1. Stop fossil fuels – build 100% renewable energy.
  2. 2. Genuinely protect forests, oceans and nature.
  3. 3. Legislate to stop banks and investors from funding climate-wrecking industries.
  4. 4. Invest in Climate Resilient Livelihoods.
  5. 5. Act now to reverse biodiversity loss and reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by no later than 2030.
  6. 6. Lead global action on requiring high GDP countries to increase funding to communities on the front-lines of the crisis.
  7. 7. Declare a climate “emergency”.
  8. 8. Create more ambitious Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).
  9. 9. Listen to the best united science currently available.
  10. 10. Recognise that the emergency has arisen from global injustices and work towards systemic change to protect life on Earth.